Lessons from the Bamboo tree

I recently came across a beautiful video on  a blog called Living in love and I want to share with you the lessons I learned.

Nature is a fantastic teacher if only we would pay attention.

A farmer planted a bamboo tree he watered, cared for and nurtured this tree, he made sure this tree’s environment was perfect for growth at the end of the year , the tree had not grown.

“It’s a tree anyway and trees take time I’ll just keep caring for it, and so he watered the tree made sure the soil around it was rich, shaded it , shooed the goats from trampling and grazing in that area and at the end of the year ……it had not yet grown.

Hmm said the farmer did I do something wrong it’s over 2 years and this tree has not grown, I’ll continue but I should see some changes and so he tends and tends and tends the plant he does this for 2 years and guess what?  The bamboo tree still does not grow.

It is the 5th year and he is Just about to ignore this tree and tend to other crops that will bring more cash, then he notices some sprouts and 1,2,3…6 months role by and suddenly he notices that the small plant he noticed  6 months ago has suddenly risen into a mighty tree.

The bamboo tree has grown  and is so beautiful.

Your efforts are not wasted.

Keep sowing you are definitely going to reap.

Keep doing what you must do.

Do it well no shortcuts.