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Have you heard the latest in town

Hello  there, guess what there’s always some bit of juicy info out there. We all love those titbits, right e.g the Libya video did Obama lie about it or did he not, did Romney really employ illegals in his household once anyway  ever wondered how all that get’s to the next person. Of course you’ll say the news and dozens of social media out there.

Let’s go back a 100 years, no phones in many places. How ever did they get their information passed around. Most people back then lived far apart but the latest gossip always travelled let’s say at the speed of lightning and without phones.

They where doing much the same as we do today everyone had a relationship with each other one way or the other; Family friends, neighbours , in-laws the town doctor so they just gave each other a few titbits of info maybe in 140 characters or less.

Sounds familiar right so we are back to the present and guess what it has not changed relationships are tied to every platform you can think of on the internet where people exchange information.

How do we even man these things, well that’s what I’m going to tell you about how to spread your information to friends, family and more in 140 characters,I know you must have heard lot’s and lot’s about twitter.  Twitter has long-established itself as the final platform for sharing and exchanging link content. For Bloggers and brands, Twitter has surpassed Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Reddit, and is only rivalled by Facebook as the most effective and consistent way to build website traffic through social marketing.

All you do here is seek permission from your followers to build a community and there are mainly two things you need to pass your information(which we call tweets ) across.

First  it must readable

Second it must be  Retweetable(remember all those juicy gossip, you can’t wait to tell the next person)

But how do I do this?

Now that’s a good question this post is already too long so I’ll just drop some tips I got from

1. Think like your readers

2.Use consistent excellence to stand out from the crowd

3.Sell the headline(Don’t do it like a sales man)

4.Use correct and acceptable punctuation

5.Use flawless grammar and correct spelling

6.Shorten your links

Hope I didn’t take all the fun out see you in the next post.


I’m desperately trying to remember where I got these tips (It’s definitely from the internet ) but I don’t know who’s website I would really love to give credit to the person.