I Just Ate Poison

Hi there guess what I had for lunch delicious oven fried chicken breasts served up with fried rice and a bottle of sprite,I love oven fried chicken especially when I can buy It from any of the fast food restaurants, though my favourite is actually Kentucky fried chicken; guess what about 10 days ago I had a rude awakening , I went for a women’s conference in North Carolina  organized by the Hallelujah acres(more popularly known for the Hallelujah diet).

Now recently I’ve become more  careful with what I eat but to find out from them that all that much of what we eat is  poisonous to the human body. The chicken is hybrid, served up with antibiotics to keep them healthy grown within a couple of days and nicely dished up on our food, now that ‘s not the shocker, the rice is polished and most of the  nutrients are  lost of course we wash out whatever nutrient is left on it  and fortified but when vitamins stand on their own and are not in their natural state (they should help right) they usually do more harm than good and of course sprite has about 10 cubes of sugar, no one will pour a glass of water and stir in 10 cubes of sugar no matter how sick he or she is.

Shocking right but I still exist I still move about, but unconsciously the quality of life I live is dwindling down all because I substituted the basic components of food for refined  components. Isn’t that how we sometimes are living to suit ourselves and unconsciously hurting ourselves.

Life is interesting isn’t it there are laws that we just can’t change to suit ourselves, such as the law of Value, you have to give more in value than you expect in payment, giving just enough to get by, does not cheat the receiver it cheats you, refining food so it suits our tastes cheats us.

Holding back our talents just because we, cheats us, allowing the environment to decide our mood and how we go through life cheats us. Live life to the fullest today (by the way if you must eat chicken make sure it’s organic, free range and eat brown rice)

Let’s abide by those laws of nature, give something of value to someone today you’ll be surprised at the returns you’ll get. Most importantly you will feel great and give out a positive energy and need I say that is what attracts wonderful things and people to you. Have a splendid day.

The Little things that matter

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, wake up it’s 5:30 I need to get to work, so I won’t eat and I won’t make my bed. The boss must not get to the office before me  or if I’m late I’ll pay a fine. So you rush quickly take a bath,  jump on the bus  and you  are off to work. At work you barely make it in just in time 7:30 on the dot.

And  so the rush continues at 11: 30 you remember ooh I haven’t spoken to mum this week, I should call and say hi. Suddenly the boss comes “you need to get this proposal out to Mr AA, he is waiting for it now  it should get there within the hour.  Ooh I’ll call mum later and so the day continues, ooh I forgot today is Jane’s birthday; I  must not forget to call the her… . “Mrs B we need some more materials make sure you take down the inventory and pass it to the right manager.

Suddenly it’s 6pm  the day is over, I’ve got to get out of here rush hour traffic is about to start rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . Finally home.

At home: I realize I have not eaten today, I forgot Jane’s birthday and I didn’t call mum what a way to live life.

Sometimes little things that seem insignificant calling a family member, remembering someone’s birthday  go a long way. In the hustle and bustle of life, Let’s remember the little things.

Meet Passion

Passion sparks creativity.

Passion eliminates fear and makes you do the impossible.

With passion, you’re working at your highest potential.

You find the time for doing what you love.

You create effortless work, because you love what you’re doing, and it doesn’t look like a work to you.

Passion Is the fire of the soul, without it nothing moves, It is responsible for the many innovations especially in recent times. All you need to do is look at history and you will see how passion birthed countries, liberated people.

Take time today to take note of the things you are passionate about. You are most likely standing on a Gold mine. Happy discovery.

Why should I listen to you?


Before we get upset why our colleagues at work, our business partners, our employees seem never to wear a thing we say, or carry out our instruction.

Ask yourself is what I’m saying worth paying attention to, have I backed up my words with some action, Or am I saying things I expect them to do but I have never done?

Will what I say benefit them, or am I just trying to edify myself.

Next time you are talking with someone and the message is not getting across, maybe it is not entirely their fault, you have modeled a behaviour that they are just emulating.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating, Every leader understands that people will do what their leaders tell them, oh no , what their leaders do, for good or for bad. Let’s take out time to model the behaviour we expect from whoever we work with, Live a life that gives so much in value out, that whatever you say get’s their attention.

Commend and complement them, extol their virtues and get them talking about their interests, their likes and dislikes, take a little time to get to know them, it doesn’t take much.

If they have a problem or a challenge, see what you can do to help or refer them to someone who can help.

Life is very simple, it’s all about giving and taking let’s remember that today. Treat others the way you will love to be treated. You’ll always get their attention.


I got these from a book , The Greatest man who ever  lived (by Stephen K.  Scott). I read this book  a few months ago this may help in stream lining and accomplishing goals

  1. Lack of clear and precise vision
  2. Ineffective goal setting
  3. Ineffective partnering
  4. Lack of resources
  5. Failure to plan for failure
  6. A lack of sustained passion
  7. A lack of Diligence