Independence versus Interdependence

What is independence,what do we see as independence and are we really independent?
Hello there two days ago I celebrated was my country’s independence and I started thinking based on various leaders specifically Stephen covey; Are we really independent?
Independence mainly has to do with surviving on our own in simple terms it is the ability to take care of ourselves. We are self-reliant.
Today many countries mine inclusive have gained independence, but as we can see, no one, no country is truly independent, this calls for a new concept (not so new ) interdependence.
Yes, we have relationships with each other, which are mutually beneficial, so true independence is a higher form of independence, with independence I can do it. Interdependence says we can do it.
This shift of interdependence is not welcomed many times because we have fundamental dependencies that we where never really liberated from.
One very common one is feelings of victimization by friends or as a result of situations that get out of our control.
Can you see ? That really our independence or want for independence spins from a major character flaw – selfishness, sometimes or just personal maturity. This leads to people being afraid of being acted on, or being bossed simple te
rms you are dependent on circumstances, emotions of other people.
True independence acts first and is not influenced by others when we take it to the higher level of interdependence this person is a team player, he is not just self-reliant and capable, he is also a giver, he shares his knowledge and talent with others and together this unity leads to an increased reservoir of resources for the entire team. In interdependence you have a compound effect where 1+2=3 or more.
Independence is great but today and every other day let’s walk towards interdependence.
Have a wonderful day.


Why should I listen to you?


Before we get upset why our colleagues at work, our business partners, our employees seem never to wear a thing we say, or carry out our instruction.

Ask yourself is what I’m saying worth paying attention to, have I backed up my words with some action, Or am I saying things I expect them to do but I have never done?

Will what I say benefit them, or am I just trying to edify myself.

Next time you are talking with someone and the message is not getting across, maybe it is not entirely their fault, you have modeled a behaviour that they are just emulating.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating, Every leader understands that people will do what their leaders tell them, oh no , what their leaders do, for good or for bad. Let’s take out time to model the behaviour we expect from whoever we work with, Live a life that gives so much in value out, that whatever you say get’s their attention.

Commend and complement them, extol their virtues and get them talking about their interests, their likes and dislikes, take a little time to get to know them, it doesn’t take much.

If they have a problem or a challenge, see what you can do to help or refer them to someone who can help.

Life is very simple, it’s all about giving and taking let’s remember that today. Treat others the way you will love to be treated. You’ll always get their attention.


I got these from a book , The Greatest man who ever  lived (by Stephen K.  Scott). I read this book  a few months ago this may help in stream lining and accomplishing goals

  1. Lack of clear and precise vision
  2. Ineffective goal setting
  3. Ineffective partnering
  4. Lack of resources
  5. Failure to plan for failure
  6. A lack of sustained passion
  7. A lack of Diligence

Acres of diamonds…….. are all around you.

Hello there, I was reminiscing the other day on a book I read called acres of diamonds and I’d like to share some of the insights I got from that book.

Have you ever realized how easy it is to miss opportunities around you, oh yes diamonds, they are much closer to you than you really think but I am coming to realize that opportunities are everywhere but if I am not in the right frame of mind, if my mindset is negative, if I never expect to do anything good. I can never see that opportunity.
I cannot recognize the diamonds that where placed on earth for me to pick them and show their worth to the world.
Friends I am talking about your belief system, can you see how unconsciously many of us, myself included carve our lives and influence our destiny.
I t all lies in us, I recently read the story of a man Victor Frankl, a survivor of the Holocaust who one day while under such unimaginable circumstances and seemingly tortuous control by fellow human beings(the Nazis) he suddenly realized that yes they can harm his body, they can decide where he goes, what he eats and subject him to all kinds of horrible things and they had taken his freedom but guess what in the midst of that dark situation he discovered a diamond freedom, and one thing led to another he became an inspiration to not just prisoners but his captors also. How did he discover this diamond you may ask ?
I wish I could talk about the processed he went through but in not to many words he had an epiphany and he’s belief system changed and when this happened he discovered the diamond that had always been around him.
It’s easy to blame the economy for you present financial situation and blame your parents that they did not give you the right education but maybe those situations happened because they where diamonds in those situations waiting for you to discover them.
Be on the lookout today there are some diamonds placed on earth for you to discover.

I read about Victor Frankl first from the 7 habits of highly effective people I believe this book will be of help in discovering your diamonds.

The Paradigm Shift………….it’s all about what you see.

Hi there, I am still reading seven habits of highly effective people and I came across  a very interesting concept it’s called Paradigm. In simple terms, this is simply a map that you have unconsciously adopted, many times due to your environment, childhood experiences and upbringing. This map tells you the direction you are going in life and just like any map can limit or broaden your view of the territory known to every one of us as life.

Have you ever wondered oh I’m more positive than ever before, I go into my day expecting the best of things but look at the results I’m getting.

You probably are extremely diligent working hard and consistently at your career, business, on your family but all your efforts seem to go down the drain.

Guess what being more positive and working harder is great and is essential but your map matters a  lot, if  I am going to australia and I enter a plane going to the United States of America, no amount of hard work or positive thinking would change the direction of that plane until I get down from it and get into the correct plane.

The good news is you can change your accepted point of view, by examining first your principles. Principles are unwritten laws that every organism abides by. No amount of hard work or good attitude can change the outcome of a wrongly applied principle.

Let’s turn it around if you abide by the right principles, if your map is right then attitude and diligence are some of the perfect ingredients needed to achieving your goals.

Ever heard the expression” it’s just the way I see it” well that is what is going on here our maps have to change. Take a few minutes today and look at a number of things.

Your speech is it more of I can’t, I am no good

Your friends do they encourage you or discourage you.

What turns you on

What irritates you

You just might be able to better understand what principles you have lived by all along. Aha yes and then make that paradigm shift today. You can live from a different source a higher source. Circumstances never determined your life, You did and the wonderful thing about this new discovery is that you can and will change your life.

As a man thinketh……..what conversation am I having with myself?

Hi there  I am still trying to get consistent in blogging but today I just realized it’s all in my head. Oh yes ever head the phrase if you say you can you can and if you say you can’t, you can’t you cannot.

I realize It all boils down to what I tell myself, what seeds I decide to plant in my mind and how I nurture them, I know over 2 weeks ago we talked about leaping, taking the plunge if one does not have a mind-set that sees positives in every situation, when opportunities arise you just can’t see them.

So today not meaning to give you mental stress think nice and wonderful things about yourself instead of saying I always do this wrong, say I am learning how to do it the right way.

I am inconsistent  versus I am learning to do things when I should do them.

What other’s say does not really matter until we accept and dwell on it in our thoughts, the mind is a garden waiting for you to plant seeds and tend them. We all think and so we can choose what to think we can take time today to think wonderful things about ourselves and guess what you suddenly feel better.

Have a great day tending to your garden.Image