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Help: Everything is going crazy.

Hi there it’s been ages since I wrote any post and I must admit I get extremely lazy, but I guess I’m learning the Hard way that   inconsistency will not  stay anywhere in my corner.

Ever had a day when everything  just seems to go upside down , how about when it looks like that’s how the month is toeing the same line. Well they say that GOING CRAZYs part of life, but I guess you want to get it all together, maybe you have too many emails from every Jedi in the industry and then you are running two crazy Jobs but you have a dream of being financially free one day.

Well help is on the way in fact because you have a dream, you have hope but I’d like to share something with you I read in think and grow rich. By the way I’ve been reading it for over a month and I am going over it once again.

We all have dreams but until we pen them down and organize them, life will continue to grow crazy.Did I hear someone say I have to write my goals, You sure did.

Until your goals are in writing it is just a mere wish somewhere in your imagination it holds no relevance and will probably never see the light of day. You will continue to seem to go nowhere.

I realized to achieve anything in life one has to first write out what you want, next plan how you would obtain those desires,then surround yourself (either in literature form or life relationships) with people that have attained what you wish to attain.

Every day make it a habit to read these goals to yourself and do something each day to take you to your goal.

Yes everything is going crazy but that is because we have not organized our plans, and so we get distracted by things which are usually out of our control.

What one thing is solely dependent on you, what can you control take 15 minutes at the beginning of  your day to write out things you can control, things you can decide to do today.

Just do it.