How to use twitter Continued

Hi there, right now I’m in Houston Texas attending the mastermind event  and wow there are so many things I’d love to share with you but let’s round up our twitter tutorial.

Just to back up a bit we talked about 3 things you should do 2 days ago-

1. Think like your readers

2. Use consistent excellence

3.Sell the headline

So now where going to number 4 which is 

4. Use Correct and Consistent punctuation: Yes we all want to be ourselves but we should be as appealing as possible and it start’s with dotting your I’s and crossing  your T’s. What punctuation marks do is that it makes whatever you write readable and understandable and that’s what you want to do get your message across to your reader.

5.Always start with a capital letter. Try not to abbreviate or use text message language. Don’t write your whole headline in capitals as this looks like you are shouting and you definitely don’t want to do that. Take time to read your posts and make sure the grammar is correct. Microsoft is good at pick these mistakes and WordPress.

6. Always give your readers the opportunity to Re tweet you. To do this you will need to shorten your link and tweet into 120 characters or less. 

Yes, you should not sacrifice brevity for clarity but, if your readers cannot add their own style into your write up, chances are they will either nor Re tweet you or they’ll use text message language which you do not want.

7. Use to shorten your links. This gives you the opportunity to express yourself more and makes it easier for your readers to retweet you.

So go out there and have fun.

See you at the top.


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