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To Be Aware

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Mastermind 8: Risky is the new safe

Hi there , I’m having a great time at Mastermind 8 and guess what I wish you where here too, so I’m going to give you a little summary of one of the highlights of yesterday’s meeting.


As you know Randy Gage’s book is out – Risky is the new safe and all I can say is if you are wondering where this world is going to in the next ten years read this book.

Wondering what to invest your money in, read this book.

This book will get you thinking about what’s the real thing in the any industry , now I’m on the third chapter and I cannot wait to finish.

Make sure you read Risky is the new safe. The rules have changed .

How to use twitter Continued

Hi there, right now I’m in Houston Texas attending the mastermind event  and wow there are so many things I’d love to share with you but let’s round up our twitter tutorial.

Just to back up a bit we talked about 3 things you should do 2 days ago-

1. Think like your readers

2. Use consistent excellence

3.Sell the headline

So now where going to number 4 which is 

4. Use Correct and Consistent punctuation: Yes we all want to be ourselves but we should be as appealing as possible and it start’s with dotting your I’s and crossing  your T’s. What punctuation marks do is that it makes whatever you write readable and understandable and that’s what you want to do get your message across to your reader.

5.Always start with a capital letter. Try not to abbreviate or use text message language. Don’t write your whole headline in capitals as this looks like you are shouting and you definitely don’t want to do that. Take time to read your posts and make sure the grammar is correct. Microsoft is good at pick these mistakes and WordPress.

6. Always give your readers the opportunity to Re tweet you. To do this you will need to shorten your link and tweet into 120 characters or less. 

Yes, you should not sacrifice brevity for clarity but, if your readers cannot add their own style into your write up, chances are they will either nor Re tweet you or they’ll use text message language which you do not want.

7. Use Bit.ly to shorten your links. This gives you the opportunity to express yourself more and makes it easier for your readers to retweet you.

So go out there and have fun.

See you at the top.

I need HELP,no one’s Listening to me

   I started tweeting sometime last year after a conference called No excuses 2 , I had heard about tweeting but was not really interested till I went back to look at some resources the speakers at no excuses had available to everyone that had attended.

Ray Higdon’s short training on using twitter really interested me and so I started tweeting.

Of  course, I start adding people and talking to people and no one replies back, that is frustrating right, that’s why I want to share with You some of the things I’ve learned so far on twitter

I want you to know that you can get people to listen to you  and respond , just go over the few tips here the list is not exhaustive but you definitely will see changes and please let me know how this can help you.

1. Think Like your readers

Ever heard the statement to understand a child you have to get into a child’s mind well think of them as your children, find out what do they really want , what are their needs, then tweet things that will address these needs.

Your tweet should be appealing and for emphasis interesting to them.

What happens when you watch an interesting movie or read an interesting book, you tell others if what you tweet is interesting to them. They will tell others  and they do this by re-tweeting, quoting , and marking tweets as favourite and most especially following you.

2.Use Consistent Excellence To stand out from the Crowd

Ever heard this statement it’s actually from the bible it reads “seest thou a  man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men”.

Take time to notice who stands out on from your twitter feed you’ll notice they consistently give excellent tweets, it’s important not only to send tweets,consistency is also needed. Make sure they are excellent. This will keep your followers coming back and broadcasting your tweets

3. Sell the headline –

Yes, you don’t want to sound like a sales man and you shouldn’t but before we  do most things consciously and sometimes unconsciously we are first sold on.

So how do you go about selling your headline.Now you don’t want to make this aspect of selling in your face and so you would need a some creativity here. Use words that speak and concentrate on the reader. e.g You, there could also be benefits included but you must deliver and above all be truthful, if you would give a free gift make sure you deliver.

You don’t like being lied to and neither do your readers so always be upfront with information. It pays in the long run. If the material is not originally your own it’s ok to restructure it  after all it’s your ingenuity that’s bringing lot’s of traffic to their site.

Have fun and this is definitely not all I’ll continue in the next post.