Take Aways from Live the Dream3

Hi there, most likely this will be the last of the takeaways from live the Dream 3 as we try to cram all the tidbits in here.

Let me ask you this if you had tattoos and your accent was not really American like Do you think you could talk at any of the big internet marketing or network marketing events.

Well I’ve heard it’s impossible and I believed it until 4 days ago at the live the dream 3 event where an English lady( A Briton for  emphasis ) Rachael Macgregor,actually spoke on stage accent and everything and was she relevant ? You bet she was. What stood out from all she said was simply Be yourself. There is always someone out there that will be attracted to your unique personality.

Mark Hoverson another speaker spoke about heart centred living over Money dominated living. When you solve the money problem you live from the heart. In simple terms decisions are made based on your heart and not the price doing things from your heart.

From Tim Erway – the amount of value you give to the world is directly proportional to the amount of wealth. If you can gain wisdom from what caused your mistake then it can become a pearl of great price, a source of wisdom.

The three success pillars  are Traffic, Conversion, monetization and they are all linked to the ability to influence.

From Daegan Smith– Value is keeping people entertained. Stories let you create want. There should be something that leads to the logical Conclusion for people to buy from you.

Live the dream 3 was an event. I saw right before my eyes a partnership being born and how determination brings the best out of people.

Events are great not just for what you hear but for the people you meet, the relationships it fosters and the unconscious growth in a relaxed atmosphere that happens. Make sure you make it to Live the dream 4 next year.

See you at the top.


2 thoughts on “Take Aways from Live the Dream3

  1. Hey Rebeka,

    I’m so glad you made it to the event and enjoyed yourself. Meeting some new people and hearing form those speakers who were once in our shoes is a fabulous experience.

    I wanted to go to this one but was in the process of moving my Mom and just didn’t know where I would be by the time this event rolled around. Hope I can make it next year and get to meet a lot of my blogging friends in person. It’s so much fun and I love the energy in the room at these events.

    Thank you for sharing these take away’s and the one I love the most is what Rachael shared. Just be yourself and the right people will be attracted to you.


    • Thank you, I was going to ask if you we’re there because I was also looking forward to meeting you. How was the moving? Are you they yet?
      I’m going for another one the master mind8 event in Houston so I am still in the states. Are there any other events you will be attending this year also.

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