Take aways from live the dream

Hi there, this is two days after live the dream 3 and I must say. It was a big eye opener for me,but I guess the main thing is implementation and action and I’m thinking why not start by sharing with you all some of the take aways I got from this event. Now one post will not do so i’ll probably do this in a number of posts.
Ok so I missed the first day I’ll start with the first speaker I met which was Jbudd as he is fondly called or rather Jonathan budd.. So here are the take aways……
1. You’ve got to follow every breadcrumb.
2.this one was a real challenge,be more eager to fail than most now this is the secret to success.
The secret here is you get to learn what works.
3. When you say you are ready for success you are ready. Here it boils back down to you and you are what you say you are.
4. The biggest of them all you are more powerful than you can imagine. Everything you need to succeed is actually within you.
My question to you is do you believe what I just said?
If you do you are about to make a huge impact not just on your industry but on the world.



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