Hi there, continuing the lessons I learned from live the dream.

This one was quite interesting because she was not one of  the regular speakers her name is Lena Bjorna  (a former Hollywood actress from Norway) She had so many useful things to say but the main thing I took away from this was that we should seek to network with leaders in particular but when we do network with them we should make ourselves useful to people of influence and I thought wow in all the summary is always be connecting but  with the right intention.

Then the huge epiphany came when I listened to this 21-year-old guy Brian Cole (a former McDonald employee and college dropout)who is a 6- figure earner but the best part is that all he does is affiliate marketing and guess what he still picks up the phone to call. What he does is simply going to groups and fan pages, leave useful comments.

If anyone sends a reply especially a thoughtful one ask for their phone number and call (video calls are the most powerful) either a Skype call or a phone call.

Get to know them. Find out their why by striking up a conversation with them. See what you can offer to help(a product or consultation,I added this)

Always be increasing your value as this is what will feed you for life.

See you at the top.


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