It’s ok to get it wrong the first time

Hi there,

I, Hope your week has been great so far, mine has been wonderful I spent it mostly in Ghana.

We are all in this business together trying to get it of the ground and running but many times we spend some time preparing the ground before we plant. We are so preoccupied with this detail and that detail(especially us women). That’s good, it’s wonderful to do things perfectly, not a single mistake.

Have you ever heard this statement “don’t let the perfect be enemy of the good. You may ask so where is the fine line when do you know that you are wasting time in preparation. How long is long .

And to what degree or what amounts of faults are acceptable when building or working towards whatever it is you are trying to do?

These are not easy questions to answer but they are there.

First it’s getting to long when your zeal and wish to do  that particular task starts to wane, that’s simple. The other, I’m still trying to find an answer too so if you come up with something please let me know.

But really you never really know how things will turn out till you take that plunge, waiting for all the perks to be right usually ends up in not moving at all. Practice makes perfect, so mistakes are in order and they you usually serve as valuable tutorials.

Are you trying to work on a post or are you still getting your blog started? Just do it. 


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