Independence versus Interdependence

What is independence,what do we see as independence and are we really independent?
Hello there two days ago I celebrated was my country’s independence and I started thinking based on various leaders specifically Stephen covey; Are we really independent?
Independence mainly has to do with surviving on our own in simple terms it is the ability to take care of ourselves. We are self-reliant.
Today many countries mine inclusive have gained independence, but as we can see, no one, no country is truly independent, this calls for a new concept (not so new ) interdependence.
Yes, we have relationships with each other, which are mutually beneficial, so true independence is a higher form of independence, with independence I can do it. Interdependence says we can do it.
This shift of interdependence is not welcomed many times because we have fundamental dependencies that we where never really liberated from.
One very common one is feelings of victimization by friends or as a result of situations that get out of our control.
Can you see ? That really our independence or want for independence spins from a major character flaw – selfishness, sometimes or just personal maturity. This leads to people being afraid of being acted on, or being bossed simple te
rms you are dependent on circumstances, emotions of other people.
True independence acts first and is not influenced by others when we take it to the higher level of interdependence this person is a team player, he is not just self-reliant and capable, he is also a giver, he shares his knowledge and talent with others and together this unity leads to an increased reservoir of resources for the entire team. In interdependence you have a compound effect where 1+2=3 or more.
Independence is great but today and every other day let’s walk towards interdependence.
Have a wonderful day.


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