Are You spamming or serving

Hi there, I recently came across a post by Ian brodie on spamming and I started thinking……..
What’s the main reason for writing anyway. Is it just for our pleasure or is it to get the next person’s attention?
Is it to sell goods? Is it to make people buy things they don’t really need?
Is it to just make some money?
Or do I just want to be seen and known on the internet?
Writing is a lot like talking, some of us love to talk and really we have something to say but guess what if we go on and on and don’t allow the next person to get so much as a word in, we both know the conversation becomes stale.
Next time you write ask yourself these questions.
What do they want to hear?
Would I get a response from them?
Have I solved any issues here?
Am I giving them enough options to choose from.
What is the take home lesson or the valuable tool that they have left with?

Always look for ways to get their response by asking them questions,
Let the thought discussed lead up to a solution that can help
Always reply their comments
Don’t throw your opportunity or product on them let them ask for it
Be yourself with them don’t imitate someone else people love people who are real.
Be interested in what they do, if they have a blog read a post on it, if they are on twitter follow, retweet or reply their tweets.
When people see that you care relationship builds and you have no idea where relationships nurtured and cherished will take you too.
Make a friend today, through the written word we are waiting for you.


2 thoughts on “Are You spamming or serving

  1. Hi Rebekah – just found your post and enjoyed reading it. We’re all a strange, mixed bag of emotions and motivations aren’t we? But if we ask your questions and keep our heart in the right place, we should end up doing the right thing when we write.


    – Ian

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