Have you heard the latest in town

Hello  there, guess what there’s always some bit of juicy info out there. We all love those titbits, right e.g the Libya video did Obama lie about it or did he not, did Romney really employ illegals in his household once anyway  ever wondered how all that get’s to the next person. Of course you’ll say the news and dozens of social media out there.

Let’s go back a 100 years, no phones in many places. How ever did they get their information passed around. Most people back then lived far apart but the latest gossip always travelled let’s say at the speed of lightning and without phones.

They where doing much the same as we do today everyone had a relationship with each other one way or the other; Family friends, neighbours , in-laws the town doctor so they just gave each other a few titbits of info maybe in 140 characters or less.

Sounds familiar right so we are back to the present and guess what it has not changed relationships are tied to every platform you can think of on the internet where people exchange information.

How do we even man these things, well that’s what I’m going to tell you about how to spread your information to friends, family and more in 140 characters,I know you must have heard lot’s and lot’s about twitter.  Twitter has long-established itself as the final platform for sharing and exchanging link content. For Bloggers and brands, Twitter has surpassed Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Reddit, and is only rivalled by Facebook as the most effective and consistent way to build website traffic through social marketing.

All you do here is seek permission from your followers to build a community and there are mainly two things you need to pass your information(which we call tweets ) across.

First  it must readable

Second it must be  Retweetable(remember all those juicy gossip, you can’t wait to tell the next person)

But how do I do this?

Now that’s a good question this post is already too long so I’ll just drop some tips I got from

1. Think like your readers

2.Use consistent excellence to stand out from the crowd

3.Sell the headline(Don’t do it like a sales man)

4.Use correct and acceptable punctuation

5.Use flawless grammar and correct spelling

6.Shorten your links

Hope I didn’t take all the fun out see you in the next post.


I’m desperately trying to remember where I got these tips (It’s definitely from the internet ) but I don’t know who’s website I would really love to give credit to the person.


I Just Ate Poison

Hi there guess what I had for lunch delicious oven fried chicken breasts served up with fried rice and a bottle of sprite,I love oven fried chicken especially when I can buy It from any of the fast food restaurants, though my favourite is actually Kentucky fried chicken; guess what about 10 days ago I had a rude awakening , I went for a women’s conference in North Carolina  organized by the Hallelujah acres(more popularly known for the Hallelujah diet).

Now recently I’ve become more  careful with what I eat but to find out from them that all that much of what we eat is  poisonous to the human body. The chicken is hybrid, served up with antibiotics to keep them healthy grown within a couple of days and nicely dished up on our food, now that ‘s not the shocker, the rice is polished and most of the  nutrients are  lost of course we wash out whatever nutrient is left on it  and fortified but when vitamins stand on their own and are not in their natural state (they should help right) they usually do more harm than good and of course sprite has about 10 cubes of sugar, no one will pour a glass of water and stir in 10 cubes of sugar no matter how sick he or she is.

Shocking right but I still exist I still move about, but unconsciously the quality of life I live is dwindling down all because I substituted the basic components of food for refined  components. Isn’t that how we sometimes are living to suit ourselves and unconsciously hurting ourselves.

Life is interesting isn’t it there are laws that we just can’t change to suit ourselves, such as the law of Value, you have to give more in value than you expect in payment, giving just enough to get by, does not cheat the receiver it cheats you, refining food so it suits our tastes cheats us.

Holding back our talents just because we, cheats us, allowing the environment to decide our mood and how we go through life cheats us. Live life to the fullest today (by the way if you must eat chicken make sure it’s organic, free range and eat brown rice)

Let’s abide by those laws of nature, give something of value to someone today you’ll be surprised at the returns you’ll get. Most importantly you will feel great and give out a positive energy and need I say that is what attracts wonderful things and people to you. Have a splendid day.

Take Aways from Live the Dream3

Hi there, most likely this will be the last of the takeaways from live the Dream 3 as we try to cram all the tidbits in here.

Let me ask you this if you had tattoos and your accent was not really American like Do you think you could talk at any of the big internet marketing or network marketing events.

Well I’ve heard it’s impossible and I believed it until 4 days ago at the live the dream 3 event where an English lady( A Briton for  emphasis ) Rachael Macgregor,actually spoke on stage accent and everything and was she relevant ? You bet she was. What stood out from all she said was simply Be yourself. There is always someone out there that will be attracted to your unique personality.

Mark Hoverson another speaker spoke about heart centred living over Money dominated living. When you solve the money problem you live from the heart. In simple terms decisions are made based on your heart and not the price doing things from your heart.

From Tim Erway – the amount of value you give to the world is directly proportional to the amount of wealth. If you can gain wisdom from what caused your mistake then it can become a pearl of great price, a source of wisdom.

The three success pillars  are Traffic, Conversion, monetization and they are all linked to the ability to influence.

From Daegan Smith– Value is keeping people entertained. Stories let you create want. There should be something that leads to the logical Conclusion for people to buy from you.

Live the dream 3 was an event. I saw right before my eyes a partnership being born and how determination brings the best out of people.

Events are great not just for what you hear but for the people you meet, the relationships it fosters and the unconscious growth in a relaxed atmosphere that happens. Make sure you make it to Live the dream 4 next year.

See you at the top.

Take aways from live the dream

Hi there, this is two days after live the dream 3 and I must say. It was a big eye opener for me,but I guess the main thing is implementation and action and I’m thinking why not start by sharing with you all some of the take aways I got from this event. Now one post will not do so i’ll probably do this in a number of posts.
Ok so I missed the first day I’ll start with the first speaker I met which was Jbudd as he is fondly called or rather Jonathan budd.. So here are the take aways……
1. You’ve got to follow every breadcrumb.
2.this one was a real challenge,be more eager to fail than most now this is the secret to success.
The secret here is you get to learn what works.
3. When you say you are ready for success you are ready. Here it boils back down to you and you are what you say you are.
4. The biggest of them all you are more powerful than you can imagine. Everything you need to succeed is actually within you.
My question to you is do you believe what I just said?
If you do you are about to make a huge impact not just on your industry but on the world.


Hi there, continuing the lessons I learned from live the dream.

This one was quite interesting because she was not one of  the regular speakers her name is Lena Bjorna  (a former Hollywood actress from Norway) She had so many useful things to say but the main thing I took away from this was that we should seek to network with leaders in particular but when we do network with them we should make ourselves useful to people of influence and I thought wow in all the summary is always be connecting but  with the right intention.

Then the huge epiphany came when I listened to this 21-year-old guy Brian Cole (a former McDonald employee and college dropout)who is a 6- figure earner but the best part is that all he does is affiliate marketing and guess what he still picks up the phone to call. What he does is simply going to groups and fan pages, leave useful comments.

If anyone sends a reply especially a thoughtful one ask for their phone number and call (video calls are the most powerful) either a Skype call or a phone call.

Get to know them. Find out their why by striking up a conversation with them. See what you can offer to help(a product or consultation,I added this)

Always be increasing your value as this is what will feed you for life.

See you at the top.

It’s ok to get it wrong the first time

Hi there,

I, Hope your week has been great so far, mine has been wonderful I spent it mostly in Ghana.

We are all in this business together trying to get it of the ground and running but many times we spend some time preparing the ground before we plant. We are so preoccupied with this detail and that detail(especially us women). That’s good, it’s wonderful to do things perfectly, not a single mistake.

Have you ever heard this statement “don’t let the perfect be enemy of the good. You may ask so where is the fine line when do you know that you are wasting time in preparation. How long is long .

And to what degree or what amounts of faults are acceptable when building or working towards whatever it is you are trying to do?

These are not easy questions to answer but they are there.

First it’s getting to long when your zeal and wish to do  that particular task starts to wane, that’s simple. The other, I’m still trying to find an answer too so if you come up with something please let me know.

But really you never really know how things will turn out till you take that plunge, waiting for all the perks to be right usually ends up in not moving at all. Practice makes perfect, so mistakes are in order and they you usually serve as valuable tutorials.

Are you trying to work on a post or are you still getting your blog started? Just do it. 

Independence versus Interdependence

What is independence,what do we see as independence and are we really independent?
Hello there two days ago I celebrated was my country’s independence and I started thinking based on various leaders specifically Stephen covey; Are we really independent?
Independence mainly has to do with surviving on our own in simple terms it is the ability to take care of ourselves. We are self-reliant.
Today many countries mine inclusive have gained independence, but as we can see, no one, no country is truly independent, this calls for a new concept (not so new ) interdependence.
Yes, we have relationships with each other, which are mutually beneficial, so true independence is a higher form of independence, with independence I can do it. Interdependence says we can do it.
This shift of interdependence is not welcomed many times because we have fundamental dependencies that we where never really liberated from.
One very common one is feelings of victimization by friends or as a result of situations that get out of our control.
Can you see ? That really our independence or want for independence spins from a major character flaw – selfishness, sometimes or just personal maturity. This leads to people being afraid of being acted on, or being bossed around.in simple te
rms you are dependent on circumstances, emotions of other people.
True independence acts first and is not influenced by others when we take it to the higher level of interdependence this person is a team player, he is not just self-reliant and capable, he is also a giver, he shares his knowledge and talent with others and together this unity leads to an increased reservoir of resources for the entire team. In interdependence you have a compound effect where 1+2=3 or more.
Independence is great but today and every other day let’s walk towards interdependence.
Have a wonderful day.