Manners Checklist

I know the title looks funny but no I am not Miss manners. Has mum or anyone ever told you mind your manners when you where little, it’s interesting how these little things help one growing up, I came across a manners checklist while reading Stephen scott’s – the Greatest man who ever lived.

I just thought to share with you, It’s helped me these past two weeks I hope it will also be of help to you.

Manner’s Checklist

Respond calmly , with wisdom,insight and  objectivity to put fires out instead of fueling the fires with a reaction.

Listen first, don’t interrupt, don’t quickly change the subject when you speak

Approach others from their frame of reference

Be interactive, ask questions that focus on what the other person is saying.

Be more compassionate

Be more empathetic to the concerns and needs of others

Look at others from what you can give in the relationship and not what you can receive.

Make an effort to continually reset your focus from the negatives of situations to those things for which you are grateful.

Begin to focus on how you can calm others when there is a dissension instead of contributing to the dissension.

Make a daily effort to encourage instead of judging or criticizing.

Make an effort to respond to conflict with gentleness not reacting harshly.

Be quick to serve and slow to expect others to serve you.


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