Acres of diamonds…….. are all around you.

Hello there, I was reminiscing the other day on a book I read called acres of diamonds and I’d like to share some of the insights I got from that book.

Have you ever realized how easy it is to miss opportunities around you, oh yes diamonds, they are much closer to you than you really think but I am coming to realize that opportunities are everywhere but if I am not in the right frame of mind, if my mindset is negative, if I never expect to do anything good. I can never see that opportunity.
I cannot recognize the diamonds that where placed on earth for me to pick them and show their worth to the world.
Friends I am talking about your belief system, can you see how unconsciously many of us, myself included carve our lives and influence our destiny.
I t all lies in us, I recently read the story of a man Victor Frankl, a survivor of the Holocaust who one day while under such unimaginable circumstances and seemingly tortuous control by fellow human beings(the Nazis) he suddenly realized that yes they can harm his body, they can decide where he goes, what he eats and subject him to all kinds of horrible things and they had taken his freedom but guess what in the midst of that dark situation he discovered a diamond freedom, and one thing led to another he became an inspiration to not just prisoners but his captors also. How did he discover this diamond you may ask ?
I wish I could talk about the processed he went through but in not to many words he had an epiphany and he’s belief system changed and when this happened he discovered the diamond that had always been around him.
It’s easy to blame the economy for you present financial situation and blame your parents that they did not give you the right education but maybe those situations happened because they where diamonds in those situations waiting for you to discover them.
Be on the lookout today there are some diamonds placed on earth for you to discover.

I read about Victor Frankl first from the 7 habits of highly effective people I believe this book will be of help in discovering your diamonds.


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