The Paradigm Shift………….it’s all about what you see.

Hi there, I am still reading seven habits of highly effective people and I came across  a very interesting concept it’s called Paradigm. In simple terms, this is simply a map that you have unconsciously adopted, many times due to your environment, childhood experiences and upbringing. This map tells you the direction you are going in life and just like any map can limit or broaden your view of the territory known to every one of us as life.

Have you ever wondered oh I’m more positive than ever before, I go into my day expecting the best of things but look at the results I’m getting.

You probably are extremely diligent working hard and consistently at your career, business, on your family but all your efforts seem to go down the drain.

Guess what being more positive and working harder is great and is essential but your map matters a  lot, if  I am going to australia and I enter a plane going to the United States of America, no amount of hard work or positive thinking would change the direction of that plane until I get down from it and get into the correct plane.

The good news is you can change your accepted point of view, by examining first your principles. Principles are unwritten laws that every organism abides by. No amount of hard work or good attitude can change the outcome of a wrongly applied principle.

Let’s turn it around if you abide by the right principles, if your map is right then attitude and diligence are some of the perfect ingredients needed to achieving your goals.

Ever heard the expression” it’s just the way I see it” well that is what is going on here our maps have to change. Take a few minutes today and look at a number of things.

Your speech is it more of I can’t, I am no good

Your friends do they encourage you or discourage you.

What turns you on

What irritates you

You just might be able to better understand what principles you have lived by all along. Aha yes and then make that paradigm shift today. You can live from a different source a higher source. Circumstances never determined your life, You did and the wonderful thing about this new discovery is that you can and will change your life.


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