As a man thinketh……..what conversation am I having with myself?

Hi there  I am still trying to get consistent in blogging but today I just realized it’s all in my head. Oh yes ever head the phrase if you say you can you can and if you say you can’t, you can’t you cannot.

I realize It all boils down to what I tell myself, what seeds I decide to plant in my mind and how I nurture them, I know over 2 weeks ago we talked about leaping, taking the plunge if one does not have a mind-set that sees positives in every situation, when opportunities arise you just can’t see them.

So today not meaning to give you mental stress think nice and wonderful things about yourself instead of saying I always do this wrong, say I am learning how to do it the right way.

I am inconsistent  versus I am learning to do things when I should do them.

What other’s say does not really matter until we accept and dwell on it in our thoughts, the mind is a garden waiting for you to plant seeds and tend them. We all think and so we can choose what to think we can take time today to think wonderful things about ourselves and guess what you suddenly feel better.

Have a great day tending to your garden.Image


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