Situation- Sitting at a station or taking action

Definition of situation the way something is placed in relation to its surroundings.

Hi there just playing around with that word what does it really mean your situation, It could mean your present circumstances, your surroundings, a particular event taking place now in your life.

Our world is made up of us and our surroundings but I , you , me is the vital ingredient in that world, what do I mean by this; in coping with our day-to-day activities the tendency is to get caught up in our environment, it’s raining outside and so I feel a bit down, it’s sunny outside and so I am happy.

I sold today and  I am excited, everyone I approached turned me down and so I am upset, everything itemized here is your surroundings not necessarily you, it’s time to ask yourself is my station or my surroundings preventing me from taking action, are my clients dictating my daily mood, is the amount of cash(large or small) I brought in the other day acting as a deterrent to my productivity today.

Instead of allowing your surroundings to decide how you are going to interpret your day before the day even get’s started let’s turn it around , let’s go out today influence our surroundings, let’s take action, let’s be proactive, instead of letting a deal gone awry spoil our mood let’s smile.

Today is a fantastic day, I am going to make a special friend today , someone special out there is just waiting for that chance meeting with me that will positively affect his life forever.

You are special don’t sit at a station, you are special you are in control of your surroundings, because you took action today. You read this post.

Have a mindset today that everything that comes your way is for one thing and one thing only your good.

Have a great day.


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