Mindset versus a set mind

Hello there I said the last time that we would talk about having a leap and the net will appear mind-set.

I guess first one has to ask questions

What is my thinking pattern throughout the day?

How do I start my day”

What do I read?

What is my conversation like?

Do I focus on myself or on others?

Your mindset is a product of what you surround yourself in simple terms what do you see everyday,what do you hear every day, what are your feelings everyday.

Mindset is a product of your attitudes which are actually formed by your habits which are actually formed by your thoughts so it all comes back to you.

Yes you are a product of your environment but you can change that environment.

You can choose what you see, what you hear, how you feel and what you say.

Yes we are all use to the way we grew up and yes we don’t want to change it I mean it’s a lot easier to go with the flow, but you sure want success and the fact that you want it means that it’s somewhere waiting for you.

It won’t come to you, it won’t be given to you and only those in the right frame of mind can attract it, enlarge your comfort zone today, believe in yourself, ask yourself the simple questions above and where they are negative change it there is something special about you that’s why this is coming your way.

Take the leap




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