Living Life Out Loud Feels Good

I don’t know what it is about the new year, the first day of a new top of the hour, day, week, month or quarter, but it’s something I look REALLY forward to more than anyone probably should. Does that mean I am missing the moment, maybe? Or does it mean that I have finally learned the art of giving myself as many do-overs, as many times as I need to stay on track towards my goal. What is my goal you ask? Joie de la vie!!!! Joie de la vie!!! Joie de la vie!!!!! Anything that is important needs to be said at least 3 times to sink in.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joie de la vie is Cajun slang french version meaning “Joy of Living. This would translate to “joy of life” or “zest for life,” rather than the more affirmative “joy of living.” Happiness,

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