Leap and the Net will appear









The title of this post is actually a quote from John Burroughs a naturalist. It brings to mind so many things, the fear of  the unknown, courage so many things…..

Human nature as we know it would rather have the net there first; except you are in the minute group of people who live and breathe adventure but no most of us are not, so however are we to achieve our dreams and visions which I know  we all have.

Ooh yes you  may say I have no dream, look deeeep within something is laying there but what you think you don’t have is  “the net ” . No one likes risks and it is much wiser to prepare for the unexpected, but this quote says leap and the net will appear.

In other words follow your dreams, today do that thing that is most uncomfortable for you but will bring you closer to achieving your goal, it could be picking up the phone or writing a post , making a video and many times it is veiled in simple things like just lending a helping hand to the next person.

Yes mindset has a lot to do with, taking that leap but guess what you have the mindset already it’s just waiting for the Goldsmith (situations) to beat out and then watch that gold shine.

So take the leap today and see you on the other side of your dreams.(successful)


I’ll talk later about having the mindset that helps one leap.


2 thoughts on “Leap and the Net will appear

  1. The first thing I thought of Rebekah is jumping, literally, and knowing that the net will appear. Well no, not unless it’s already there because just because you think it won’t make it so. I know that’s not what was meant but that was the first impression I got.

    You are right though, move through what you are afraid of and take those first steps. For a lot of people it is shooting that first video or making that first call to a prospect. Whatever it is you have to decide if you want your dream bad enough because you will have to do some things that are uncomfortable. But once you do, it’s all uphill from there.

    Thank you for this post and hope you enjoy your week.


  2. Adrienne I can’t thank you enough for the time you take to actually read through my blog and give me advice on my posts. From what you said, I would like to write a post on that how would you advice I go about it, I was thinking yes, just wishing there was a net would not bring it about except one had the mindset that attracts the net. As always I am so grateful for your input and thanks so much for the post on face book I actually am going to dissect each of the steps that have been outlined there.

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