You are not the weather


“Today was such a Jonah day” ever heard that statement, it all started yesterday I got home late and there was such a pile of work to do at home, to worsen things the power in the building was so poor so I could hardly see, then I had a webinar and

I overslept and missed it and I didn’t follow my daily routine, I just checked my account and I realize my vacation is busted cos I don’t have enough funds and to make the crown the day I made no sales.I am mad with everyone at work, no funds , ooh what a life. I hate my life and everyone is going to know, why are they all so happy of course they would be they’re achieving what they set out to do today and my day is sooo warped.

Yes the day did not go as expected but you are not the weather, the weather smiles

when the sun shines and is moody when the clouds gather and are laden with dust, getting ready for a great downpour; If a snow storm is about to happen the town knows.

That’s where you are different , You are in control of your destiny , you decide what you want to have and you take the necessary steps to getting it and it may take some time but guess what you actually get those things.

Ever stopped and noticed how a smile lightens up your day and is someone else sees it places a smile equally on their face, Don’t let life colour your day you have the paint and the canvas everything is in your hand.

Live life responding it’s a lot easier than you think. Have a wonderful day creating your life living by design.


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