How to Be absolutely ineffective.

Hi there, don’t mind my title I was just analyzing my day and realized for the past 2 weeks I’ve done a pretty good job of being absolutely ineffective, I mean, I have not tweeted every single day, I failed to come up with an article or piece per day. I took 3 days to reply the only comment I’ve had on my blog since I started blogging(about 5 weeks ago) . Wow I really am laid back.

The sad part is I am not going to reach my goals if I keep at it like this and I definitely have not made new friends in fact when I checked my twitter account I realized, I’ve lost 2 followers.

Enough of the negative but just curious are there any folks who are having the same problem trying to build a routine, stick too it and actually getting results well it is possible because so many other folks have done it, sure i am not a good example today but this time in a few weeks time, I am sure My routine will become second nature to me.

You want to know the secret just keep on trying, yes, today you may not have followed your routine but at the end of the day analyze how you spent your time,

Where there any things you did that really could be left  off?

How many minutes or hours did you spend on those activities?

Now add al
Here’s the part I am learning to do take out 15 mins at the end of the day or at the beginning of work and plan your day.l that time together.

Those things that took up your time the previous day if you watch carefully most times are consistent in taking your time. Now we are more effective,  so, we simply cut them off.

Write out every single activity you are going to carry out, group all of them into major activities and minor ones; Major activities will be things which if not done could ruin your entire day, minor activities will not affect the day or your overall performance.

Assign time slots to each activity and pick the most important one first, stay with that activity and make sure that is all you do for that time period once you are through with that go to the next one. Let’s both do this together and let me know how your day went I would really love to hear from you.

all the best  Rebekah



2 thoughts on “How to Be absolutely ineffective.

  1. Hey Rebekah,

    This is what I do. I plan the night before what I intend to do the following day. You have to ask yourself. What am I trying to accomplish? Why am I even blogging? If you can’t come up with that and be passionate about it, you won’t stick to any schedule.

    If you want good results you have to be consistent in your efforts. There is no way around that. So, hope you come up with the right answers. 🙂

    • Thanks for this tip adrienne, I actually tried this 2 days ago though I planned first thing in the morning and I found out my day was more effective, I guess what I lack is consistency.
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