Ruth Kusemiju

“Try not to be a man of  success but rather become a man of value”

Albert Einstein

I want success.  I dream of it daily.  I affirm it to myself every morning and every night, and frequently throughout my day.  I advise others to go after their own ideal for success.

What is success?

We live in a world in which being successful is everything. Success is measured by power, popularity, control, achievement, and winning. Having more and being more is success. In any case, we are still believing that “success” means “things.”

I like things.  I like things a lot.  I’m 26 years old and I still write a long Shopping list, even if nobody reads it.  The things, however, are not all meaningless.  I know this.  I am who I am with or without them.  They are symbolic of my persona, and my persona is not my essence, it is…

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